What To Look For When Hiring An Oil And Gas Law Attorney in Eastern Ohio

Anyone who owns land in Eastern Ohio and is considering signing an Oil and Gas Lease or other pipeline easement or agreement for their property should consult with an experienced real estate attorney who specifically has experience in matters involving Oil and Gas and pipeline easements. The terms of your lease are something you will live with for generations to come and are not something to enter into without a great deal of thought and consideration. Many people are often taken advantage of in these types of situations by large oil and gas companies, as they are not properly educated on exactly what will happen to their land and what the terms of the lease mean. There is no standard lease agreement, period. All terms of the lease are negotiable and must be considered carefully. If a Landowner does not have experienced, competent counsel to represent their interests it is a pitfall for the unwary. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure when it comes to an oil and gas lease and all terms have to be negotiated up front. In order to have your interests fully protected, and zealously represented, finding an experienced oil and gas law attorney is a must. Below are a few general guidelines to consider when choosing an Oil and Gas Attorney to represent your interests in a lease, pipeline or other agreement. .

An experienced oil and gas attorney should have a comprehensive understanding of the many different aspects of the oil and gas industry. Oil and gas law is known for being especially complex and confusing to those without proper legal training, and can be a pitfall for the unwary. Any oil and gas attorney you consider should have many years of experience in matters involving all aspects of the lease or easement process, and must have a good understand of oil and gas examinations of title, and a good working knowledge of the Marketable Title Act and the Dormant Minerals Act in Ohio. The Attorney needs to understand the many different types of mineral interests, and the impact of those pieces of legislation of interests that are severed from the surfact (mineral rights interests).

When selecting an experienced Oil and Gas attorney, a detail oriented personality is best suited for negotiation and especially drafting of your leases, easements, pipeline right of way easement or other addendum document. You will want to select someone who is a member of the Oil and Gas/Petroleum related organizations in Ohio, so they are abreast of the latest trends and developments concerning oil and gas matters. An attorney who is experienced in drafting the necessary documents and as to all the necessary terms, will be invaluable in the negotiation and drafting process. Someone who is experienced in handling mineral rights, pipeline placement, environmental compliance and concerns, access roads, land surface conditions, leasing options, royalty payments and more. These issues are of critical importance to an owner. Choosing the right attorney for the job is very important. Be sure to interview any potential attorney concerning these matters before making your final decision.

Overall, as long as an oil and gas law attorney can accomplish these things for their clients, landowners will have a positive experience in their dealings with oil companies. They will be able to manage the use of their land effectively and safely while also being compensated generously for the severance of the minerals from their property.