Muskingum-Licking-Perry-Morgan & Guernsey County Ohio Oil and Gas Lease Attorneys

With the discovery of the Marcellus and Utica Shale plays in the Appalachian basin, mineral rights are a hot topic in southeastern, central and southern Ohio. Matters involving your mineral rights are of vital importance and could have a significant impact on your family and your legacy for future generations. It is important to preserve your interests if you own mineral rights that are severed from the surface, and it is important to regain ownership of your minerals if you own the surface and not the underlying minerals. The attorneys at Zellar and Zellar, Inc are experienced in handling matters involving the rights to the minerals you own or would like to recover. Call today to schedule your free consultation concerning your mineral rights.

If you are approached about signing a lease to drill for Oil and Gas on your property, the terms you agree to will be something you have to live with for the rest of the lease, and possibly for the rest of your life. Everything is negotiable and there are many safeguard provisions that need included in your lease to protect your interests and maximize your profits. We can help negotiate the terms of your lease and will do so on an hourly basis with no claim to future income or future royalty payments, as is the case with many other oil and gas attorney retainer agreements. Our attorneys can assist with negotiating the terms of your lease or easement and protect your interests during the process.

If you are sued or need to pursue litigation concerning ownership of your mineral rights, under the Dormant Mineral Rights Act or the Marketable Title Act, it is important to aggressively represent your interests and stand up for your rights or your interests may be terminated. Our attorneys are experienced in handling litigation involving both of these statutes to quiet title, and would be happy to represent your interests zealously in any such matter. Simply contact the office to schedule an appointment for your free consultation.

About our experience in Oil and Gas litigation:

Attorney Crystal Zellar is a southeastern Ohio native with many years of experience in matters involving Oil and Gas. She has performed hundreds of oil and gas title examinations in Ohio, and is a former title insurance agent. Having extensive family interests involving mineral rights and mineral holdings in southeastern, southern and central ohio, Ms. Zellar has a unique perspective as both Attorney representing mineral rights owners and as a mineral rights owner herself. Zellar and Barclay, Attorneys at Law, Inc., will represent your interests in your oil and gas matter for an hourly fee, with no claim to future revenue streams or royalty payments as with most oil and gas attorneys. As a mineral rights owner herself, Ms. Zellar makes no claim to future income from royalty payments for representation during negotiations of Oil and Gas Leases. The Attorneys at Zellar & Barclay, Attorneys at Law, Inc will represent your interests on an hourly basis to negotiate the terms of your lease or pipeline easement to maximize your recovery for minimal out of pocket costs. Call today to schedule your free consultation concerning negotiation of your oil and gas lease.