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Estate Planning Information

Estate planning is the process wherein a person makes arrangements, in advance, to plan for what will happen at the time of their death, or in the event of their disability, either temporary or permanent.  Estate Planning is also the process wherein a person can pre-designate their assets to avoid the Probate process altogether, avoiding the time and expense of an actual Estate proceeding in the Probate Court (see Estates for further information).  In the estate planning process a person would execute a Last Will and Testament, to provide for the transfer of any assets that cannot be predisposed of (such as an inheritance) so that the property would transfer to their intended beneficiaries at the time of their death.  A person will often execute a Durable Power-of-Attorney, nominating someone to speak for them and manage their affairs in the event of a temporary or permanent disability, such as from a disabling medical event, or a stroke, etc.  The execution of a Durable Power-of-Attorney enables a person to nominate a spokesperson and oftentimes avoids the need for a guardianship altogether.  A Durable Power-of-Attorney is good forever until it is revoked, and it is revocable at any time, generally, for any reason.  A Durable Power-of-Attorney can sign checks, borrow money, make payments on obligations of the ward, and prepare, sign, and file tax returns for the ward during any temporary or permanent period of disability or incapacity, mentally, physically, or otherwise.

During the estate planning process, a person will execute, a Joint Survivorship deed or Transfer on Death Affidavit so that their real estate will transfer with minimal effort to their spouse or other designated person at the time of their death, outside of Probate.  This avoids the necessity of probating the decedent’s interest in the real estate.  Finally, a person will often also execute a Health Care Power-of-Attorney and a Living Will notifying health care providers that they do not wish to be kept alive on life support indefinitely in the event that they are determined to be terminally ill or permanently unconscious.  This also nominates a spokesperson for the individual for medical decisions should the individual become unable to make decisions for themselves.

The attorneys at Zellar & Zellar, Attorneys at Law, Inc., are experienced in handling estate planning affairs and are happy to meet with you at no obligation and discuss these matters with you in more detail.  Further, they are happy to review any existing estate planning documents and advise you, at no charge, if any changes are necessary or appropriate and whether your intended wishes are in fact so designated in your existing documents.  For example, oftentimes, grandchildren are left out of the will if the will does not provide for a per stirpes distribution to any child who may proceed you in death.  Schedule an appointment today to discuss these matters in more detail at no cost or obligation to you.