Why hire Zellar & Zellar, Attorneys at Law, Inc for my companies business law needs in Zanesville, Columbus, Newark and Lancaster, Ohio, and why do I need an experienced business attorney?

Most small business owners possess good business sense for running their own business, but often do not realize the importance of good legal counsel for their business matters.  Contracts for services to be provided by the company and limitations of liability  are only one aspect of the many important services a good business attorney can provide.  Although most business owners understandably want to be independent and take care of their own legal needs, even the most seemingly unimportant or routine legal matters are full of pitfalls for the unwary.  Formation of a small business is one task many small business people think they can handle themselves, but they are not aware that there are many other critical formation documents that are not available on the Secretary of State’s website of corporate forms, and as Abraham Lincoln said, only a fool represents himself in legal matters.  An experienced business attorney can be a valuable asset to any small business owner and save them many headaches and legal fees in the future by taking the care and time to make sure everything is done correctly at the outset and with a plan in mind.

Forming a Business
For example, determining what type of business entity is best for your small business is a specialty of the experienced business practitioner.  Determining whether to be a corporation, and what type of corporation, or a partnership, or a limited partnership, or a limited liability company, are only a few of the various entitles available for the successful operation of a small business.  Preparing correctly and filing the articles of incorporation can be a complex process because it involves forming a company with a board and shareholders.  There are many other ancillary operating agreements and regulatory documents that must be prepared by your experienced business attorney.  There are also complicated tax and legal ramifications associated with completion of seemingly “routine” tax and corporate documents, and often there are ongoing requirements that must be continually monitored. In fact, even if you only have a partnership and want to add special profit and loss allocations in your agreement, you should hire an experienced business attorney. On the other hand, if you are buying or selling a business, you will definitely need the help of a business attorney, who will help broker the deal and negotiate the sales and lease agreements, and draft the agreements to reflect what was negotiated on your behalf.   This is especially true if there are any hidden environmental problems that suddenly turn up. Liability for environmental violations from small business owners often flow through to the new entity or owner of the property.

Of course, any lawsuit filed against a small business will require a defense and the representation of an experienced business attorney, with civil litigation experience.   This includes any employee, customer or government lawsuit. For example, if an employee sues your company because of alleged discrimination or harassment, it could end up costing you millions of dollars. A terminated employee could sue for wrongful termination in spite of their gross incompetence. The same goes for an employee who files an erroneous workers’ compensation claims over a suspicious accident. Conversely, customers can sue you over product liability and consumer protection concerns. For example, if a customer spills boiling hot coffee that they bought from your restaurant in their lap, they can go after your company for financial compensation. Remember that anyone from the public who is injured on the premises of a small business can sue the small business under premises liability and business invitee statutes.   Finally, contractors or other businesses can file a lawsuit against a  small business for alleged breach of contract. Clearly, there are many lawsuit scenarios that require the professional help of an experienced small business attorney. The attorneys at Zellar and Zellar are experienced in representing small business owners and would be happy to discuss the benefits of representing your small business.  Contact the office today to schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced business attorneys.

Overall, there are many business scenarios that need the oversight of a competent business attorney. For example, when forming a business or dealing with lawsuits of any kind, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. There are additional scenarios, such as when filing patents or securities investigations, that will need a competent lawyer.  These are just a few examples of the value that an experienced business attorney can bring to any small business.

Business / Corporate Matters

Do you own a business, or are you looking to start up your own new business?  Contact the attorneys at Zellar & Zellar, Attorneys at Law, Inc., to discuss what they can do to protect your interests, and the assets of established business entities that can act as holding agent for your assets to avoid the loss of your assets in the event of a judgment being rendered against you.  This includes assisting you in determining what type of entity would be best for your business based on your activities and income; reserving your name with the Ohio Secretary of State; preparation of your Articles of Incorporation / Organization for a limited liability company, including the appointment of the original statutory agent and obtaining the charter number from the Ohio Secretary of State.  We can also assist you in obtaining your Tax Id number and advise you concerning the opening and titling of bank accounts for your company, and when the accounts can be set up.  There are a number of vehicles available under Ohio Law that you may employ to protect your assets and conduct a business without your personal assets being exposed or at risk for any judgment concerning business operations.  Call today to schedule your free consultation concerning your small business matter.