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Chapter 7 liquidation is a proceeding generally lasting four (4) months from beginning to end, in which a person receives a discharge of their indebtedness with no repayment, with certain exceptions as outlined below. For example, if a person has a secured debt (such as a mortgage or a vehicle loan), they may wish to waive their discharge (reaffirm) on that obligation, in order to retain that collateral. Generally, a person can retain their assets, within reason, in a Chapter 7 proceeding, and are free to reaffirm on whatever secured debts they wish, to be re-obligated on the same following the Chapter 7 proceeding so that they can retain the collateral securing the loan. Persons in Ohio are entitled to claim certain assets of their Bankruptcy estate exempt from execution by creditors or the Bankruptcy Trustee. Schedule an appointment today with one of the attorneys at Zellar & Zellar, Attorneys at Law, Inc., to discuss your financial predicament. They can offer, at no cost or obligation to you, during your free consultation, their opinion as to what chapter will afford you the best relief and whether you can retain your assets during the proceeding. They will also quote you a affordable fee and time frame for the completion of your case. Click Here for Directions to US Bankruptcy Courthouse in Columbus Ohio.

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