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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Information

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy reorganization is a thirty-six (36) to sixty (60) month reorganization wherein a person pays a few cents on the dollar, generally, to their unsecured creditors, by making monthly payments under their Chapter 13 Plan. This chapter is available for individuals who make too much money to be eligible for relief under chapter 7 liquidation proceedings. Chapter 13 affords persons relief from their debts but requires them to repay unsecured debts within their means. Generally, people often choose chapter 13 in order to consolidate debt, reduce interest rates, or combine monthly payments and to reinstate on things such as mortgage arrearages, in the Chapter 13 Plan. A Chapter 13 proceeding is an excellent way to decelerate a foreclosure action, as the foreclosure is stopped during the three (3) to five (5) year Bankruptcy proceeding and the person can be reinstated on their mortgage in the Chapter 13 plan during that time, thereby saving their home from foreclosure. Chapter 13 is also an excellent way to satisfy child support arrearages and avoid contempt proceedings, including jail, while you are purging a prior contempt order for delinquent support obligations. Contact the offices of Zellar & Zellar, Attorneys at Law, Inc. to discuss your mortgage arrearage, child support arrearage, or other issues that may benefit you from a bankruptcy filing under chapter 13. Click Here for Directions to US Bankruptcy Courthouse in Columbus Ohio.

Stop Tax Levies and Repay Tax Debts

A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy reorganization is an excellent way to stop execution by the Internal Revenue Service or other taxing authorities, releasing your assets to you as the Debtor in possession, and enabling you to pay the claims of the Internal Revenue Service that are non-dischargeable, interest free, during the pendency of your Chapter 13 plan. Since we write the plan and set the payments that you can afford, payments to the Internal Revenue Service are included in the plan payment, under an affordable monthly payment plan where you can satisfy your non-dischargeable tax obligations interest free, and discharge the balance of them with small repayments as an unsecured creditor in the plan. Schedule a free consultation with one of the attorneys at Zellar & Zellar, Attorneys at Law, Inc., to discuss your tax issues. They will be happy to meet with you during a free initial consultation and discuss the matter to provide you with advice and recommendations as to what might be done for you in a chapter 13 proceeding.


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