Zellar & Zellar offers a FREE Initial Consultation.  This FREE Consultation is normally in person but in limited (non-bankruptcy) matters can be by telephone.  After discussing your legal situation with one of our attorneys, we hope you find that Zellar & Zellar is the right choice to fulfill your legal needs.  If we are not, you will owe us nothing for the Initial Consultation.

Our fees are dependent upon the legal issue at hand, the difficulty of the case, the time frame at which it needs handled, and the level of skill required.  Zellar & Zellar typically uses a fixed rate (flat fee), or an hourly fee.  In the event of a personal injury case, a contingency fee will be charged, meaning there is no cost to you unless we recover damages through settlement or litigation.  Then, a small percentage of the recovery obtained would pay for our legal fees and expenses incurred in the case.

There are instances where people attempt to represent themselves legally, but it has been proven that this is not the best option.  Legal issues can be complicated and costly, and it is in your best interest to have an experienced attorney that can quickly and effectively represent you.