What to Look for in Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney in Zanesville, Newark, Lancaster and Columbus, Ohio?

If you have been injured in an accident, you need a personal injury attorney who will help you pursue your claim, and who is willing to litigate your case in Court. What criteria should you look for in a personal injury attorney to make sure that you are working with someone who will be a good advocate for you both before and after they get in the Courtroom. In fact, the best attorneys often are able to settle the case without the need for trial for a reasonable amount of compensation for the injured client.

Find Someone Who Cares About You

Find a personal injury attorney who is willing to get to know you and learn some of the details of your case at the first meeting. During the initial consultation, take time to look at the body language the attorney is giving off while you speak. Does he or she seem interested in you and your case, and are they willing to give your case the personal time and attention necessary to maximize the award and settlement you receive for your injuries.

Who Will Be Handling Your Case?

It is important to know ahead of time which attorney is going to be assigned to your claim and/or case, who will then ultimately take your case to trial to prosecute your claim if necessary. Will the person you are speaking with be the one assigned to your case? Will the attorney assigned to handle your claim be the same person who represents you in the courtroom? If not, you need to decide if the person actually handling your case is possesses the necessary experience and qualifications to adequately represent your interests. If not, request that a partner in the firm handle your case or find another firm to represent you.

What Is the Track Record of Your Attorney?

How much experience does your attorney have in handling personal injury or auto accident or dog bite cases? How many claims have they handled in the past and what are the verdict ranges or settlement ranges? Have they had to file suit on a claim to prosecute it to trial? Is the firm willing to file a lawsuit on your behalf if they are not able to negotiate a reasonable settlement on your behalf? While it is not possible to win every case, make sure that you have as close to a 100 percent chance of winning your case as possible. Ideally, you want someone who could settle your case favorably before it even goes to trial.

When Do You Pay?

The firm interviewed to handle your personal injury, auto accident or dog bite case should have a contract for legal services that you can review before signing that clearly describes when and how your attorney gets paid. In most injury cases, part of the settlement goes toward paying the lawyer or lawyers working on your case. However, you may have to pay a termination penalty if you switch lawyers at any time during your case or pay the prior attorney for their work on your case prior to termination of their services.

An injured person should consider long and hard about the attorney that will represent you in your personal injury case. Make sure that you know how much you will pay, who you are paying to represent you and that you have someone who cares as much about you about your claim.