Lancaster Ohio Bankruptcy Attorneys

What Should a Person Look for When Hiring a Bankruptcy Attorney in Lancaster, Ohio?

No American consumer wants to face the brink of financial ruin, nor consider filing for bankruptcy, but in many cases, seeking relief under the bankruptcy code is the only option for a fresh start that is much needed.   Whether they’ve had too many bills pile up due to loss of employment, or interruption in employment, or they have experienced an unexpected family medical emergency that led to unmanageable credit card debt, difficult financial times cannot be predicted and often cannot be avoided.

If the proper care is not taken in choosing the right bankruptcy attorney to handle your case, and the attention to detail not taken prior to filing, problem bankruptcy cases can drag on for months.  The process itself is difficult to say the least and full of headaches that no one should deal with alone. A qualified and experienced bankruptcy attorney can help you navigate your way through the bankruptcy process for the preservation of your assets and for the best outcome possible.  The following tips will help you find the most qualified and experienced bankruptcy attorney in Lancaster, Ohio, and the surrounding areas:

Your Attorney Should Have Extensive Experience in Practicing Bankruptcy Law

Because bankruptcy law is so complex, and it takes years to master,  your attorney should have extensive experience in preparing and filing bankruptcy cases.  A qualified, experienced bankruptcy attorney will know what type of potential pitfalls lay ahead and how to best avoid them.

Your Attorney Should Concentrate their Practice in Bankruptcy Law

Each bankruptcy case is different, and the personal circumstances of each debtor will likely be a factor in deciding the outcome of the case. Moreover, there are many chapters of relief available to Debtor’s and finding a competent practitioner will help you select the best chapter for you.  Meeting with someone who concentrates their practice in bankruptcy law will help ensure you enlist the help of the most experienced and qualified attorney available.

When you consult with possible bankruptcy attorneys in Lancaster, ask them about their experience with filing both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 cases. Determine how many cases of each type they filed in the Court, and ask about the normal outcome for the cases.  If they are successful completion of chapter 7 or 13 and they received a discharge, then the attorney should be qualified to represent them as a Debtor in the case.  .

Compare Fees Charged by Lancaster Bankruptcy Attorneys

One of the biggest concerns of people is how much it will cost to file for bankruptcy relief.  While fees are important, and comparing fees is important, it is not the most important factor to consider.  Basing your choice of bankruptcy attorneys on the cheapest fee is most often a mistake that will be regretted later.  You largely get what you pay for and if you want competent service, then it will not be for a couple hundred dollar fee.

Each attorney will charge a different fee, and in most cases, the more complex the bankruptcy the higher the fee. If you’re filing for Chapter 13, most districts have strict guidelines which must be followed in billing the fee.  Most chapter 13 cases are hourly, and the client just pays for the work to be done in the case.  A good attorney can save you THOUSANDS of dollars in debt repayment and so finding a competent, experienced attorney is often worth a slightly higher fee as the outcome will be so much better than the discount basic service firms where you often do not even meet the attorney until you go to court for the hearing!  Zellar & Zellar strives to provide outstanding services at a reasonable cost.  Our largest referral source is existing or former clients who send in their family and friends.  .

While cheaper attorneys might be the more attractive choice, it might be best to stick with someone who charges an affordable fee but isn’t the cheapest of your selection. Bottom-dollar attorneys might not be able to foresee every potential issue that may come up during your bankruptcy proceedings and likely will not take the necessary time to ensure that nothing foreseeable will go wrong in the case!

Choosing the right bankruptcy practitioner in Lancaster, Ohio, or anywhere for that matter, should be based on the skill of the attorney/practitioner, the complexity of the case, the need of the debtor and the urgency of the relief needed, among other things.  Schedule your appointment to meet with one of our practitioners for a free consultation to see if our services are right for you!