What should a client look for in a probate attorney in Ohio

What should a client look for in a probate attorney in Ohio

The decision to hire a probate attorney in Ohio is not something to take lightly. Having suffered a significant loss, it is often difficult to move forward with probate after a loved one has passed away.  A great deal is at stake when it comes to retaining an estate planning attorney. With this in mind, there are certain points to consider when the need to hire a probate lawyer arises.

Background in Ohio Probate and Estate Law

A key consideration to bear in mind when contemplating which probate attorney to hire is experience. This may seem obvious, however, the focus must not be on whether or not a lawyer has some experience in the probate and estate arena, rather, the examination of lawyer’s credentials must be on what aspects of probate or estate law an attorney has been involved with in the past.  Additionally, each county in Ohio has different rules and procedures, so hiring experienced attorneys, like Zellar & Zellar, Attorneys at Law, Inc., who are knowledgeable about the law in a specific county is invaluable.

For example, has a particular lawyer been more involved in drafting estate-related documents or are they more of a probate litigator? A selection needs to be made of a probate or estate lawyer that is ideally suited to the task at hand.  The attorneys at Zellar & Zellar, Attorneys at Law, Inc., are experienced in handling a variety of probate legal matters, from simple estates, to complex probate litigation, such as Will Contest actions and Concealment actions.

Fee Structure Used by an Estate Planning Attorney

Another key element to take into consideration when a person seeks a probate lawyer is the fee structure utilized by a particular estate planning attorney. A person  needs to fully understand what his or her financial commitment is going to be for services rendered by an attorney.

Generally, an estate attorney charges an hourly fee. This typically applies to situation in which a lawyer is preparing documents and handling all aspects of a probate matter.  There are also situations in which an attorney is paid a percentage of the value of assets in some types of estate case.  Attorney fees in an estate are not payable until the end of the case.  The attorneys at Zellar & Zellar, Attorneys at Law, Inc., can discuss fee arrangements as it relates to the county in which the case is to be filed.

If an attorney is engaged to manage a trust, that lawyer may receive a percentage of income earned by the estate during an annual time period.

Schedule an Initial Consultation with an Ohio Probate Lawyer

A primary step in the process of obtaining representation from an estate and probate attorney is scheduling an initial consultation. An initial consultation permits a person the ability to obtain an overview of what a lawyer can provide in the way of legal representation.  Contact Zellar & Zellar, Attorneys at Law, Inc., today to schedule your free initial consultation.

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