Why call Zellar & Barclay after being in an auto accident in central Ohio?

Automobile accidents that result in injury and/or property damage involve an at-fault party and a victim. Quite often, the victim does not receive proper compensation because he or she is pressured by the other party’s insurance company to accept a quick, unfair settlement. In central Ohio, victims of such an accident can rely on the professional attorneys at Zellar & Barclay to investigate thoroughly and present a compelling argument and compile the evidence necessary in order to negotiate a satisfactory settlement.

How Victims Can Be Cheated
The party deemed not at-fault may have been injured in the auto accident. Although the at-fault party’s insurance policy may provide the required liability coverage, the insurance provider will generally not conduct an in-depth investigation in order to truly compensate the victim.. Rather, it may take a glance at the police report and base compensation on a simple estimate of damages and medical expenses.

All too often, these settlement offers do not take into consideration all of the damages sustained by the victim, such as lost wages, medical expenses, mileage and transportation to the medical treatment and pain and suffering for the injuries suffered.  A few of these expenses include lost wages because of the inability to work, the cost of travel to distant medical treatment centers, and long-term therapy deemed necessary by the victim’s medical practitioner.

Worst of all, many carriers sell “state minimum coverage.”  Therefore, the at-fault party’s insurance coverage may be the state minimum permitted by law. If this is the case, a good portion of the costs for medical treatment may not be covered and likely there will not be enough insurance coverage for the victim to be compensated by the at fault carrier.  When this happens, the victim’s own insurance often has to respond to the loss under the uninsured or underinsured coverage of their policy, if there is any available.

Negotiating The Highest Possible Settlement
In central Ohio, traffic accidents are common in all urban areas. Severe accidents occur along interstate freeways in the Columbus area, on arterials, and even in front of residential driveways. Regardless of the weather, the time of day, or the type of vehicles involved, an at-fault party can usually be identified.

The problem comes in negotiating reasonable compensation as soon as possible. If the at-fault party and victim do not have adequate coverage and medical payments coverage under their respective policies, immediate compensation for medical costs is unavailable. .Reimbursement only occurs after settlement is accomplished or a lawsuit is filed and settled.

Zellar & Barclay, Attorneys at Law, Inc., is a law firm dedicated to negotiating the highest possible settlement for auto accident victims.  Settling for whatever the at-fault party’s insurance provider offers is never a good idea as the offer is not usually adequate to fully compensate the victim for their injuries and loss.  The legal system is in place to help victims, and the best way to get this help is to have competent legal help from the beginning. Call the attorneys at Zellar & Barclay today to schedule your free consultation concerning your auto accident claim.  We are here to help!

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